Saturday, September 22, 2012

What Monsters Do

I promised the other night that I'd write a post on a new book that I'm madly in love with.  I've been reading a novella by a fantastic author (and good friend of mine,) Nicholas Vince.  For my fellow Hellraiser fans out there, he is indeed the actor in the Chatterer Cenobite costume.  That being said, I think that people will be happy to read this little cachet of horror shorts.
What Monsters Do, which is currently available here,  here for Kindle, and is discussed on his personal website here.  You can also use the latter of the links to delve into the world of this brilliant fellow.
I promised myself that while I work on editing and writing the manuscripts I currently have on my desk, along with the classes I'm taking to earn my Anthropology degree (yeah, who would have thought?!) that I wouldn't get into reading anything not related to my work.  As soon as I received a copy of the book, however, I made the mistake of reading just a few lines... then just a few pages... and then I was head over heels in love with the entire novella and couldn't put it down.  It's gloriously well written, and I'm quite sure that it's my favorite read of the year.  The entire year.  No, Nick isn't paying me to say that, I promise.

Stay Spooky!!
Six xxx

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