Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rock and Shock

Hey slutwads!

Well, if I haven't ripped your ear off with this news yet... you're just not cool enough :P I entered a contest via Rock and Shock, and I was lucky enough to win!  That means that Joey and I both have three day passes to the show.  They're free, and that isn't even all of it!  I also won two free tickets to the Manson/Zombie concert on the 21st.  I think with all the shit the two of us have been through, this is well deserved!  I'm so excited to see some friends this weekend, and to meet some people I haven't before.  If you're a fan of Doug Bradley (Pinhead from Hellraiser) get your ass down to the Palladium.  If you're not, you're an asshole and you should be! :P Well, that was my shameless plug of joy!  You can bet your asses I'll be loading up with pictures!!!