Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just Past 2...

It is indeed just past two in the morning, and I'm the only creep awake in the house. (Unless there's a murderer hiding in the crawl space...) Either way, tonight is a good night.  I've decided 100% that I'm going to show my writing. 
Thanks to the not always gentle prodding of friends for me to release my work, I'm finally hunkering down and trying to get my name out there; thus, this blog.  I want people to get to know me (Thank God Danvers is closed...) 
I also think I'm using this as a small portal to release my work.  I've sent excerpts to friends and family, but I've never tossed something of mine out into the world without at least having a safety net underneath it...
Being turned down by so many publishers with "Sepulcher," I think I felt burned.  Not only burned, but burned out.  I'd spent over a year, bent over a laptop, clicking away at a story that became more of a burden and less of a birth.  I still have the manuscript, of course, but I need some time before I continue on with that.
With all of that being said, I think that tomorrow night will bring the first showing of my writing to the world...  And I couldn't want to throw up more.  I know it might seem small to some people, but not to me.  I've been looking into publishing myself, but I know we wouldn't be able to.  If I don't, you'll know I was a pussy...

En norsk fan ned, noen millioner mer å gå! Kom igjen Alf, har du arbeidet ditt kutte ut for deg!

Stay spooky!!

Six xxx 

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