Thursday, September 20, 2012

Almost 4 in the morning...

As the title suggests, it is indeed almost four in the fucking morning... yay... I've been working all night, and have classes tomorrow as well... It's a lovely mix... thank Satan for Julie and the energy shot she gave me for tomorrow! ^_^

I'm starting a blog tonight(morning?) so that I can share my insanity, and some of my writings, with the world.  I'm a fledgling author, and I'd just about kill to get into the business... And since I am a horror/erotica author... I could technically kill to get in!  Ha! Early morning humor is humorous...

Well alright... I think my meds are kicking in, so I'll at least have some sleep... I'll be posting a raving review on a new novella I'm almost finished reading tomorrow morning.  If promoting this work is the only thing I do all month, I'd feel well accomplished.  The author is a friend of mine, but he is truly an amazing writer.  More on that tomorrow! (Er... later... yeah whatever...)

xoxo Six

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